Quantachrome’s Dynamic Vapor Sorption instrument, the Aquadyne DVS is now available in a new high-temperature model.

Quantachrome Instruments is pleased to announce the release of a new version of the Aquadyne DVS water sorption analyzer capable of analysis temperatures from 10°C up to 85°C. The Aquadyne DVS-2HT is the latest in the family of precision water sorption analyzers, joining the Aquadyne DVS-1, single-balance unit, and the Aquadyne DVS-2 dual-balance unit.

The Aquadyne DVS instruments are used to accurately measure the amount of water vapor a sample can adsorb, and the rate at which it is adsorbed and desorbed. This is accomplished by gravimetrically monitoring the process while precisely controlling the amount of water in a flowing stream of non-reactive gas; a technique referred to as Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS). The instruments use precision microbalances housed in a temperature-controlled housing, which enables the measurement of miniscule changes in weight in the microgram range. This high sensitivity along with precise temperature and humidity control ensures accurate, reproducible results every time.

Complete control of the relative humidity (RH) and temperature during the analysis allows the investigator to simulate real-world conditions of a product’s exposure to moisture over time. Exposing the sample to extremes of temperature or humidity can be used to simulate extended exposure at normal levels or determine the point at which a sample’s structural integrity begins to degrade. The extra temperature range of the Aquadyne DVS-2HT extends the range of temperatures to which the sample is exposed.

Water sorption instruments are used routinely in a variety of industries and applications including pharmaceutical, food processing, and ceramics. The new high temperature range of the Aquadyne DVS-2HT is especially important in fuel cell and building material applications, where exposure to conditions of high temperature and humidity are important for predicting the life of the materials