Honeywell Burdick & Jackson Expands Laboratory Plus Line Of Laboratory Solvents

Honeywell announced today it has expanded its Burdick & Jackson® Laboratory Plus line of solvents used to perform basic chromatography and cleaning tasks in laboratories.

These new products eliminate the need for laboratories to use expensive, high-grade solvents for essential functions, such as glassware cleaning, while providing them with the level of purity and consistency they require to minimize contamination and errors.

As with all Burdick & Jackson solvents, they are available with a wide range of packaging options that can meet laboratory or pharmaceutical production needs.

“Laboratories around the world trust our products to perform everything from drug discovery and production to environmental testing, and now they have more choices to handle less demanding tasks,” said Jeremy Diringer, marketing manager for Burdick & Jackson. “These new Laboratory Plus solvents offer considerable value while maintaining the high quality and consistency standards Burdick & Jackson is known for.”

Laboratory Plus solvents are intended to be a cost-effective solution for applications such as preparative-scale high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), organic synthesis, histology, cytology and cleaning, as well as less demanding isocratic HPLC separations and extractions. Each solvent is designed to meet the general use specifications of the American Chemistry Society.

A variety of packaging choices are available to help maintain the quality of the solvent from production to delivery. These range from standard 1-liter and 4-liter bottles to cans, drums and high-density polyethylene containers.