Fette Compacting FE35 – The fastest for product change

 What makes all this possible in record time is an all-new design as well as a number of technical innovations. The newly designed pressing cell ensures that all components can be accessed in an optimal manner when they are to be refitted or cleaned. Additionally, the FE35 sets new standards in productivity. Fette Compacting has successfully implemented many innovations introduced last year with the FE55 to the second machine of the new FE Series.

With the newly-developed Fill-O-Matic, customers can increase the product output or the production capacity with a wide array of products up to 100%. The die table segments in the FE35 are also a new development. Despite a larger pitch circle diameter of 325mm, these segments have the same weight as segments with a smaller pitch diameter. Fette Compacting is also breaking new ground with the construction and function set of its compression rollers. The FE35 is the only machine in its class with upper and lower compression rollers that can be adjusted automatically, as well as pressure measurement cells with integrated measuring amplifiers and drive units with a new position measurement system. This results in much shorter refitting times – operators no longer have to move to reference marks after a turret change, and can calibrate the measurement cells at the operations terminal using software.

TRI.EASY Design: Easy Operation as a Basis for Quick Product Changeovers

Likewise, Fette Compacting has consistently implemented its new TRI.EASY concept in the FE35. The idea behind this concept is that technology can only be efficient when it is equally easy in all three aspects of operation, refitting and maintenance. Hence, the TRI.EASY design focuses on the user and guarantees smooth operation regardless of the experience and qualification levels of its operator. With the FE35, the implementation of this principle is the foundation for quick product changeovers.

It starts with the layout of the machine, which allows for quick and easy access to all modules. When changing the turret, all operational steps are fully automated or can be executed tool free. Furthermore, all supply lines are connected to the machine via a single plug.

Another highlight of the FE35 is the new exhaust unit which can be connected above, under or to the side of the press. The removal or installation of the unit itself, for example or cleaning, takes only seconds. As with the FE55, operators can align the table on which the filling unit is located via a lever, which is accurate down to 30 micrometer. Also, the FE35 features the completely new Human Machine Interface developed by Fette Compacting. Peripheral devices can be connected via a standardized plug-and-play interface, in which all the cables and the dust extraction unit are integrated.

Optimized Construction and Drive

The mechanical design of the FE35 is also new. The optimized structural frame allows for low-vibration operation and reduces noise output. The new direct torque drive features an enormous reserve capacity, easy maintenance and low heat generation. This is made possible in part by the revised cooling design of the drive compartment. Customers may choose between an integrated and an external switch cabinet. As with the FE55, the housing of the FE35 is made of an FDA-approved high-performance plastic.

After the introduction of the FE35 prototype at ACHEMA 2012, Fette Compacting plans to ship the first units in spring 2013.