Address Counterfeit Drug Identification in the Field with a NIR spectrometer.

The worldwide counterfeit drug market continues to expand – both in developing and developed countries. From fake anti-malarial drugs in Africa to counterfeits sold over the Internet, these drugs are detrimental in three primary ways:

  •  Patients don’t receive the correct drug – leading to potential injury or death
  • Patients receive contaminated versions of the correct drug which may be toxic
  • Pharmaceutical companies lose revenue

SPECTRAL EVOLUTION’s SM-3500 field portable NIR spectrometer can help combat counterfeiting by allowing identification and authentication using spectral matching and principal component analysis. Steps involved in these measurements include:

  • Taking sample spectra of authentic drugs to form a known reference
  • Checking target drugs against those spectra for authentication

The SM-3500’s portability makes it well-suited for counterfeit screening applications, as it can be used at:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  •  Warehouses
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Field locations for government agencies

The UIV/VIS/NIR/SWIR range of the SM-3500 across a 350-2500nm spectral range, allows it to deliver a number of benefits:

  •  Minimal or no sample prep
  • Rapid analysis – as quickly as a sample per second
  • Non-destructive – analysis can be performed with the drug still in its packaging
  • Information on structural and chemical characteristics can be measured
  • Criminal and sub-standard counterfeits can be identified
  • Third party chemometrics analysis programs can be used to provide more quantitative analysis of active ingredient concentrations, and excipients
  • Useable with physical/chemical identifiers/markers in genuine drugs
  • Easy-to-use, potentially operated by non-scientific personnel