Improved Flexibility and GMP-Design of the Bosch GKF 702 Compared to the GKF 400/700

It’s no secret that the GKF 400 and 700 are robust capsule fillers proven by continued use in our industry. The current model, the GKF 702, has proven worthy to follow in these footsteps.

The new GKF 702 is truly an R&D platform. Production machine features like slide-gates and 21 CFR Part 11 software allow the GKF 702 to be used for R&D, clinical trials, and even into production.

With rounded edges and a rounded table top for easier cleaning. The GKF 700 segment turret runs with an upper cam. Eliminating the upper cam on the 702 simplifies maintenance and decreases cleaning and disassembly times.

The GKF 702 powder dosing system has a familiar architecture and works with the same basic principle as the GKF 700. The big improvement came with the introduction of slide gates on the GKF 702. Slide gates allow for improved capability with difficult powders and the ability to run pellets in the “powder” bowl at full speed, not to mention improved filling accuracy and reduced product waste.