XL 400FT Multi-Function Platform - Unlimited Flexibility - Superior Performance

The KORSCH Multi-Function Platform design offers the first flexible platform that permits the production of all tablet formats on a single tablet press.  The XL 400FT MFP features a modified carrier plate and head piece that permits the installation of a wide range of compression roller modules, feeder modules, and cam track modules, which permit a "plug and produce" approach for maximum versatility.  The flexible and modular design permits the press to be adapted to any production requirement with a simple set of change parts.  The result is unlimited flexibility, unprecedented utilization, and a single press for every application.

Key Features include:

  •     Common Machine Platform
  •     Flexible Press Configurations:
          - Single-Layer
          - Bi-Layer
          - Tri-Layer
          - Core-Coating
  •     Fast Change Single-Layer Execution
  •     Exchangeable Turret Design
  •     "Plug and Produce" Conversion Kits, Retrofitted at Any Time
  •     Control System with Auto Set-Up for Each Press Configuration
  •     Automatic Layer Weight Control and Layer Sampling
  •     Through-the-Wall Technology
  •     Lowest Noise Level < 75 dB(A)