Novel 3-Way Clamping Device for Round-Bottomed Flasks & Condensers

The DrySyn 3-Position Clamp from Asynt has been designed to enable chemists performing parallel synthesis to secure up to 3 round bottomed flasks or condensers to a standard boss head.

Incorporating a novel fast grip / release mechanism the DrySyn 3-position clamp minimises reaction set-up time and enables you to remove your reactions from the heat source quickly and safely should the need arise.

Ruggedly constructed from aluminium and stainless steel - the compact and affordably priced DrySyn 3-position clamp is available in a range of sizes to securely hold condensers and flasks from 10ml to 500ml. The DrySyn 3-position clamps are fully compatible with Asynt's DrySyn MULTI, MULTI-M and MULTI-S heating block systems.