Cerilliant Introduces Certified Spiking Solutions®  of Bath Salt Metabolites
Cerilliant introduces seven new Certified Spiking Solutions® of bath salt metabolites. The new products are 1.0 mg/mL (as free base) in methanol  for the primary urinary metabolites of bath salt cathinones, mephedrone, buphedrone,  pentedrone, flephedrone, N-ethylcathinone, and 4-methylethcathinone. For GC/MS and LC/MS  methods that quantify concentrations of synthetic cathinone metabolites, Cerilliant also offers  the corresponding deuterium-labeled internal standard to compliment this new line of certified reference solutions.
Metabolism of synthetic cathinones presents significant challenges to the analytical laboratory. Routine screening of parent synthetic cathinones by GC/MS or LC/MS is not always sufficient to identify a positive result, because many of the parent drugs are extensively converted to  reduced or dealkylated metabolites.1  Some laboratories have reported a substantial number of  specimens that contain reduced metabolites of synthetic cathinones, but no trace of the parent  drugs.2  In these cases, screening user samples for the presence of the metabolites would be  critical to confirm a positive result.
“The synthetic cathinone metabolites product line provides our customers additional certified solution standards for their bath salt testing methods, especially for cases where the user samples may only contain the metabolites and no parent drug,” states Derrell Johnson, Cerilliant’s New Product Development Manager. 
Cerilliant offers a wide selection of certified Snap-N-Spike® solutions for use in clinical  toxicology applications, medication monitoring, forensic analysis, employee drug screening, and  urine drug testing including parent drug, metabolite, and internal standard Certified Spiking  Solutions® of benzodiazepines, opiates and synthetic analgesics, anticonvulsants, cannabinoids, antidepressants, barbiturates, and alcohol/ethanol in addition to synthetic cathinones and cannabinoids including Spice as well as other new designer drugs. 
Cerilliant Snap-N-Spike® solutions are prepared and certified to the highest industry standards 
including ISO Guide 34, ISO 17025 and ISO 13485. For standards of controlled substances, our 
DEA exemptions allow laboratories to order these standards without DEA paperwork.