New Webinar Provides Advanced Titration Sensor Knowledge and Tips

At the heart of any accurate titration is a properly working accurate and fast sensor.  METTLER TOLEDO’s new Good Titration PracticeTM (GTP®) Sensor Use and Maintenance Webinar describes the components of various sensors commonly used for titration, their variations, handling and use techniques as well as a variety of testing and maintenance procedures.  Participants will learn what simple steps can be taken to ensure the best results and performance from the most commonly neglected titration components.

The GTP Sensor webinar not only covers a variety of information for understanding how a sensor is designed and works, but assists in selecting the right sensor from the wide variety of METTLER TOLEDO titration sensors available.  During the webinar, laboratory professionals across a number of industries including chemicals, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and academia will discover why there are so many different sensors available, and learn how to ensure the right sensor is being used in a specific titration application.

Most titration troubleshooting starts and ends with the sensor.  Users are able to prevent troubleshooting before it is necessary with the simple and easy to follow recommendations for sensor use, storage, testing, calibration, and cleaning to minimize downtime in the lab, addressing issues and being assured the titration analysis is accurate every time.  Even if a sensor is damaged or out of test specifications, options and techniques for regeneration and refurbishment are described in detail.

The GTP Sensor webinar covers a number of different aspects of proper sensor handling and care through multiple formats including tools such as detailed animations and video .

Offered “on demand”, the GTP Sensor webinar is ready to view immediately and can be paused and played again as required.  Available in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Portuguese, the Good Titration Practice Sensor Use and Maintenance Webinar will assist labs around the world with understanding a titrator’s most valuable component; its sensor.  Register and watch today at