Newly published Information Collection for Liquid Handling in Testing Labs
In many testing labs, pipetting is an important first step in many analyses, and accuracy is a topic that makes or breaks the quality of the final results. The challenge with pipetting is that the accuracy of the work is greatly influenced by how well trained the pipette user is. Not fully understanding the techniques often is the source of errors that lead to faulty results, at times leading to a whole experiment having to be rerun, which is both a costly and time consuming. Plus, being a highly repetitive task, pipetting can lead to repetitive strain injuries (RSI) which poses an additional risk for those working with pipettes. 
A compilation of expert guidance on this complex topic has been released by Mettler-Toledo in a specially designed liquid handling toolbox. This new toolbox will assist users in optimizing their pipetting techniques, and is targeted at those people working in testing laboratories, who are daily working with pipettes.
The liquid handling toolbox contains a 30 minute Good Pipetting Technique video tutorial that discusses the above topics and gives in depth insight into the proper handling and technique of pipettes – to help users improve their pipetting accuracy. There are also a short booklet and a poster that summarize the most important pipetting tips and tricks to help users increase their accuracy. Last but not least, there is also a whitepaper on pipetting ergonomics that discusses in depth the risks of RSI and how regular pipette users can avoid these. 
The Liquid Handling Toolbox can be accessed via the following web page: