MIC-2500 Manual XY Stage with Micrometer Positioners
The MIC-2500 Manual Stage is spring loaded; micrometer positioners push under tension for very precise and repeatable positioning.
Mitutoyo micrometer heads have the following specifications:
  • Range:  0-25 mm
  • Accuracy:  +/- 3um
  • Graduations:  0.01 mm, 0.001mm, .001” or .0001”
  • Spindle Pitch:  0.5 mm
  • Scale Surface:  Hard-chrome plating
The MIC-2500 Stage is designed to have low drift with variations in Temperature.
Typical temperature variations are:
  • Drift in X Axis per degree change Celsius = 0.5 um
  • Drift in Y Axis per degree change Celsius = 0.25 um