Exceptional 0.05% BFSL Accuracy Provided By The New TD2000 Digital Circuit Pressure Transducer
Immediate in-stock availability of their new TD2000 ultra precision accuracy 0.05% BFSL digital pressure transducer is announced by Transducers Direct. The TD2000 pressure transducer is ideal for use in applications where precision measurements are critical - such as universities, laboratories, instrumentation equipment, test/analysis applications, and the automotive test cell industry.
"The ultra precision accuracy of this pressure transducer," points out Mark McDaniel, VP of Sales, Transducers Direct, "is accomplished using a time-to-digital Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) with resolution in picoseconds. These units go through a very comprehensive manufacturing process ensuring not just the precision accuracy, but also a very tight Total Error Band (TEB) that makes it a great solution for applications requiring precision accuracy over temperature as well as excellent stability and repeatability."
The TD2000 pressure transducer digital circuit technology utilizes redundant sensing elements that keep the sensor fully functioning should one of the sensing elements fail ensuring completion of critical measurements. This also allows the end user with ample time to install a replacement during the next scheduled maintenance period avoiding expensive equipment downtime - an extremely important feature in high-shock, high-vibration critical applications. Other features/benefits include:
  • Low current draw - ideal for wireless or battery applications
  • 70 microsecond internal updates monitoring for pressure spikes and anomalies ensuring a high precision stable output
  • One-piece stainless steel header design that eliminates the potential leak points with weld-on, or O-ring header designs
  • An extremely wide compensated temperature range that is actually equal to its operating temperature range of -40° to 100°C
  • Made in the USA