SciAps, Inc. Announces the Inspector SCOPE – a Unique Raman Analyzer
SciAps, a Woburn, MA based portable analytical instrumentation company, is pleased to announce the Inspector Scope.   The Scope integrates our state-of-the art handheld Raman analyzer with a microscope and XYZ stage.  The result is the only in-field, at the bench, in-lab Raman analyzer all in one package.   With the Scope, zero in on small samples, particulate, fibers or tiny heterogeneous regions in a sample.  The 100X magnifying power combined with a 25 um laser beam diameter offers pinpoint Raman analysis.   
For field-based work or bulk samples, simply undock the Inspector from the microscope for a field-hardened, high performance Raman analyzer.  The Scope can be equipped with either the traditional 785 nm laser source (Inspector 300 model), or the more versatile, fluorescence-beating 1030 nm laser (Inspector 500 model).    No other Raman analyzer combines such portability with in-the-lab microscopic analysis.  It’s an ideal tool for SERS research, geochemical applications that require analysis of small mineral veins, particulates and forensics applications.