Webinar: Enabling Safe Scale-up with Reaction Calorimetry

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to present a new installment in its thought-leading webinar series. Entitled “Safety by Design: Calorimetry in Chemical Development,” the new on-demand presentation explores how identifying non-scalable conditions at lab scale not only helps engineers and scientists scale process reactions safely; it can also help them select robust, scalable processes earlier in the development process, reducing development costs.

In modern pharmaceutical and chemical development, time-to-market is paramount. Researchers and engineers are being asked to produce viable scale-up models at reduced costs without losing quality. A process that appears safe in the lab, however, can result kinetics, mixing, or heat/mass transferissues at scale. These issues can halt production and lengthen development time as processes are reworked to ensure that both safety and desired synthesis outcomes are achieved.

Experiments explored in the webinar demonstrate how reaction calorimetry can assess important process parameters such as reaction enthalpy, thermal conversion rates, and maximum temperature of the synthesis reaction (MTSR) so variables such as dosing rate can be modified. Appropriate cooling scenarios can also be applied to help avoid at-scale safety incidents.

For greater detail on how reaction calorimetry can help enable safer, more cost-effective scale-up scenarios, view the free METTLER TOLEDO webinar today at www.mt.com/pswebinars.