New 20ml Vacuum Insulated Concentrator Tube
Organomation has added a new 20 ml vacuum insulated concentrator tube to their glassware product line (Cat# GP2244).  
The new concentrator tube combines 0.2-20ml end point volume with a reduced height of only 119mm.  The 20 ml tube allows for a larger end point volume than the traditional 10 ml concentrator tube, however small volume end points can still be achieved because the vacuum insulated tip is graduated from 0.2 ml to 2 ml. A 19/22 ground glass joint makes 20 ml the concentrator tube ideal for any standard 250 ml, 500 ml, or 1 L Kuderna-Danish (KD) flask.
Katie MacDowell, a Sales Technician at Organomation said “The vacuum insulation at the tip of the concentrator tube allows for slower concentration as you near the endpoint, which prevents drying out and damaging delicate samples.  At only 119mm in length, the new tube is also much shorter than similar capacity concentrator tubes.  The reduced height makes the tube compatible with water baths including Organomation’s S-EVAP and ROT-X-TRACT models.”
Organomation’s S-EVAP instruments are designed for easy solvent evaporation of up to 10 samples through a distillation process. The solvent can be evaporated into a fume hood or collected in an individual or central collection system.  The ROT-X-TRACT instruments allow for solvent extraction of up to 10 liquid or solid samples.  In both the S-EVAP and ROT-X-TRACT instruments, KD flasks and concentrator tubes are arranged in a rotary set up in a water bath that allows for easy access to all samples from the front of the instrument.