Matrix Gemini LIMS enhanced to deal with the unexpected
Tests built within a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) generally define specific components within a test. However, there are occasions when users need to capture results for some unexpected or unplanned components of interest that may appear during the testing process. This is particularly true for chromatographic tests when unexpected peaks may materialize.  To accommodate this need, Autoscribe has introduced an ‘Adhoc data entry’ facility into its Matrix Gemini LIMS.
This new enhancement allows the recording of such unplanned results in Matrix without prior definition of the results during test set-up. The standard result entry grid in Matrix Gemini has been modified to permit unexpected result entry into any visible region of the grid. This functionality will operate whether results are entered manually or on-line via connected instruments. Since Matrix Gemini enjoys a dual web/Windows user interface the Adhoc data entry works with either providing a similar user experience in both client types.
The functionality includes the ability to specify the type of adhoc result required, enter the adhoc result, store and retrieve the results in both Windows and web Matrix platforms for the supported result entry screens. The CSV import feature has also been enhanced to permit adhoc results to be imported. Imported results without a component name are considered as potential adhoc results. The user now has the option of either discarding them as errors or inserting them as an adhoc result at a suitable position in the grid.
Autoscribe’s founder and CEO, John Boother, said: “The ‘Adhoc’ data entry capability is the latest example of Autoscribe’s policy of continually improving its software, and supporting customers with these developments. It is available to all current Matrix Gemini V5 users and, of course, to all new customers.”