Advion Expands its Line of Compact Mass Spectrometers For Large Molecule Applications

Advion, Inc., the dominant supplier of Compact Mass Spectrometers for life sciences, food and environmental applications, launched a new compact mass spectrometer, the expression L CMS, during the National American Chemical Society meeting this week in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The new expression L, which has an extended mass range, is the ideal analytical platform for chemists focused on larger molecule applications such as peptide synthesis, polymer chemistry and natural products.

“The ease-of-use, flexibility, portability and affordability of the expression CMS has generated a tremendous amount of global unit sales and inbound enabling interest from a variety of application areas.  This newest model for large molecule applications addresses very specific needs of these researchers. Chemists working with large molecules have exactly the same needs as their small molecule colleagues: a mass spectrometer compact enough to fit in their fume hoods or on cramped benches, with all the performance they need for exacting measurements. The expression L CMS combines this with a 2000 m/z mass range to match their application needs.” says Simon Prosser, PhD, Advion’s Vice President of Marketing. “Lab and chemist deployed, instead of core facility protected, ensures that assays are available 24/7, and that the expression line of mass spectrometers is available to work as hard as the chemists who synthesize and purify the samples.”

The expression L CMS is available for immediate quotation and will ship mid-December.