Revolutionizing Flow Cytometry….. again!

Stratedigm announces the Commercial launch of its most advanced flow cytometer platform to date; the 18 color 4 Laser S1000EXi

Stratedigm announced the commercial launch of its S1000EXi flow cytometers.  The “EXi” model offers Stratedigm’s most advanced technology to date and sets a new gold standard for high performance, benchtop analyzers.  Architected based on the revolutionary EX model, the S1000EXi incorporates newly developed, patent pending second-generation Smart Detect™ and Laser Trimming™ technologies, enabling the detection of up to 18 colors with 4 lasers and unmatched dynamic range for low threshold and microparticle applications.  The S1000EXi model also offers seamless integration with the industry’s most versatile and powerful high throughput automation line.  “The S1000EXi embodies the culmination of a decade of patented and patent pending research in advanced optics, electronics, and fluidics in a compact and easy to use flow cytometer.  Moving forward, Stratedigm plans to standardize all of it analyzers, including its entry-level models with its revolutionary second-generation Smart Detect™ technology.  The S1000EXi model is available as an upgrade to all legacy S1000 instruments,” noted Shervin Javadi, Stratedigm’s chief executive officer.

Stratedigm’s patent pending, second-generation Smart Detect™ technology represents one of the most substantial advances in the field of flow cytometry in the past two decades.  It enables the use of a single integrated PMT and electronics module for the detection of up to 3 fluorophores with similar emissions wavelengths but different excitation lasers.  This new paradigm in optical detection will provide the flow cytometry market with compact multi-color analyzers at a quantum leap in price and performance.