RFID Tag-Enabled Calibration Delivers Pipetting Precision

To support the pipette management efforts of researchers working in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries worldwide, METTLER TOLEDO has embedded RFID tags in all of its premium Rainin air displacement pipettes - including its recently-released E4 XLS electronic model. This addition helps labs establish advanced calibration schedules through heightened pipette tracking capabilities for significant time savings and lowered lab management costs. 

Regularly-scheduled calibration is a key component of pipetting reliability. By combining Rainin pipettes with Rainin’s RFID reader and LabXTM Direct Pipette-ScanTM software, users can immediately determine an individual pipette’s complete profile including: serial number, manufacture date, calibration-due date and any user-assigned attributes. This helps a user understand the status of the pipette and determine if calibration is needed to ensure its accuracy almost immediately. Context-sensitive help in 15 languages ensures that users worldwide can access the advantages of RFID-enabled pipettes. Fast data recall reduces the occurrence of costly performance issues.

User-defined attributes are housed in 12 customizable data fields contained on the pipette’s RFID tag. These fields, as well as ongoing calibration and performance data, can be exported to MicrosoftWord® and Excel® or used as a text file, allowing custom report creation or LabX data integration into other asset management applications.

Rainin pipettes that offer RFID technology include manual, electronic, single-channel, multi-channel and adjustable-spacer models to encompass all of a lab’s most intricate and complex pipetting needs. For more on how Rainin RFID-enabled pipettes can help increase lab accuracy and decrease costs, visit www.mt.com/Rainin-RFID.