Revised METTLER TOLEDO Sensor Product Guide Saves Time

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the launch of the latest version of its interactive, web-based Electrode ValueBox. This downloadable electrode identification and troubleshooting toolkit, which features a revised electronic Sensor ProductGuide, will help METTLER TOLEDO customers choose the right electrode in less time, enabling easy optimization of delicate values such as pH.

Particularly for pH measurements, subtle electrode composition shifts capture electron transfer in various solution types. Electrodes must also often withstand acids/caustic solutions and/or meet hygienic design requirements. Sub-optimal selection increases the possibility of inconsistency, rework, and additional cost. The guided ability to choose the right electrode and combine it with appropriate housing, cables, and transmitters helps analysts ensure products adhere to specification while prolonging the electrode’s useful life, keeping costs in check.

Available in 27 languages, the Sensor ProductGuide is easily downloaded for use on PC or iPad, enabling convenient browsing in nearly any environment. Conductivity, pH, DO, ORP or cable guides can be accessed via product name or technical search/application criteria. Searches lead to up-to-date product pages that feature technical datasheets, pictures and links to additional web-based information. The guide’s updated pH TroubleShooter makes it easier to search the database with sensor questions or measurement issues as well.

Frequent, automatic Sensor ProductGuide updates help ensure METTLER TOLEDO customers have the latest technology at their disposal, ensuring robust, accurate data gathering and better production outcomes. To help ensure correct electrode use in nearly any application, download the METTLER TOLEDO Sensor ProductGuide at or visit iTunes for the iPad app.