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Hach Exclusive Webinar - Monitor Industrial Water Quality Online

Tuesday October 08, 2013.  12:00pm EDT

Most industrial processes require water, and lots of it. With all that water use, practical methods for testing water are critical. Poor water quality can quickly lead to boiler and heat exchanger corrosion, biological treatment overload, chemical over use, and even lost product. Attendees of this presentation will learn how online Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysis offers a quick, no-hassle strategy for water quality assurance.

Key Take-aways:

  •     Understand common challenges associated with industrial water quality
  •     Learn how online TOC can monitor and control industrial water quality
  •     Discover the benefits of using a Hach BioTector TOC Analyzer
  •     Understand how TOC correlates with COD and BOD measurements
Speaker:   Martin Horan, Chairman, BioTector Analytical Systems Ltd
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