Maximum Safety in Microbiological Quality Control

Sartorius Stedim Biotech introduces advanced system for agar and membrane transfer

Sartorius Stedim Biotech(SSB), a leading global supplier for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, is introducing Microsart @media to complement Microsart @vance, a product line for microbiological quality control in these sectors.

Microsart @media are agar media dishes for Microbial Limits Testing according to the USP
(Chapter <61>) and EP (Chapter 2.6.12). They are pre-filled with various agar media types,
such as Tryptic Soy Agar or R2A Agar, sterile packaged and ready-to-use in combination with
Microsart @filter units. Moreover, the Microsart @media features an innovative patented lid
that allows touch-free transfer of the filter membrane onto the media without using any
tweezers. In addition, easy access to the colonies after incubation is given due to the liftable
lid. The intelligent design and ease of use eliminates almost all handling mistakes.

The combination of Microsart @media and Microsart @filters introduce a brand-new agar
and membrane transfer concept. Thanks to their concerted development the matching
Microsart @media active lid fits perfectly onto the Microsart @filter base. The few steps
required between sampling and incubation save time and labor, while delivering more reliable
results. The touch-free membrane transfer eliminates membrane manipulation and handling,
thereby minimizing a major source of secondary contamination.