METTLER TOLEDO Launches New Analytical Balance Line

METTLER TOLEDO Launches New Analytical Balance Line – Intelligent Features Ensure Compliance and Process Security

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the release of a new line of Excellence Analytical Balances focused on providing users with a high level of process security while making working processes as ergonomic and efficient as possible.

The revolutionary new StatusLight™ allows users to see, at a glance, that all balance tests are up-to-date and that it's safe to start the weighing process. But the status light is merely the most visually obvious innovation. StaticDetect™ provides reassurance that weighing results are not influenced by electrostatic charge by automatically checking samples and containers as they are placed on the balance. Other balance intelligence features such as RFID with read-write capabilities, integrated routine test management functionalities, and the newly developed graphical leveling guide simplify daily tasks and help users to ensure compliance with the relevant industry regulations.

The new line of balances has been designed to take the worry out of weighing for users, particularly those working in highly regulated environments. The intelligent features not only ensure reliable weighing results but also support quality assurance demands for error-free processes and full traceability.

Making the Laboratory Brighter
When balance calibration and routine tests are up to date, and the balance is level and performing correctly, the StatusLight clearly indicates with a green light that it’s safe to start weighing. Warnings are shown in yellow, with errors in red. The user has the security of knowing that all acquired weighing results meet pre-defined process requirements and hence also the relevant regulations.

Electrostatic Solutions
Influences from electrostatic charge are one of the biggest challenges in analytical weighing. Through normal handling, samples and weighing containers can easily accumulate static, leading to difficulties in dosing and errors in weighing results. With high electrostatic influence, it may not even be possible to achieve a stable reading on the balance. When a container or sample is placed on the balance, StaticDetect measures the weighing error attributable to electrostatic charge and provides a warning if the process tolerance limit is exceeded. Antistatic measures can then be employed. The new compact point electrode accessory attaches to the side of the balance for convenient deionization of charged samples and containers. For the highest process security, users can elect to block the release of the weighing result.

Processes Under Control
By fixing SmartSample™ RFID tags to titration beakers, sample information entered at the balance can be securely transferred to METTLER TOLEDO’s Titration Autosampler. RFID tagged pipettes can also be scanned at the balance via EasyScan to check calibration and test dates, guaranteeing that pipettes are valid for use. Test dates on the tag can be updated when the pipette check is carried out using the built-in balance application. The new RFID capabilities not only eliminate transcription error but also offer users a higher level of process security.

Go Paperless
The new balances are fully compatible with METTLER TOLEDO’s LabX laboratory software which offers the perfect solution to guarantee process security and manage measurement uncertainty. Full traceability is assured thanks to flexible SOP user guidance on the balance touchscreen, automatic calculations and full data handling. LabX easily fulfills the highest process security requirements and, with all data stored securely in a central database, fully supports the move towards establishing a paperless lab.