Top 5 Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Pipette

Are You In The Market For A... Pipette?

Pipettes can be found in almost every laboratory and, if you’re looking to buy one, there are many options— manual or electronic, single or multi-channel. Luckily, a few main considerations can help in deciding whether or not to buy the latest pipette technology.

Best practices dictate that pipettes undergo preventive maintenance and calibration at least once per year. Calibration involves dispensing set volumes of a liquid, usually water, into the weighing pan of a calibrated balance. Service personnel correct for temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure, and then compare the expected weight to the actual weight.

Top 5 Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Pipette

  1. What differentiates the pipette from others offered in terms of performance and ergonomics?
  2. Is the product compatible with other manufacturers’ consumables (tips)?
  3. What types of services are offered for this product? Calibration? Repair?
  4. Does the company offer application support and technical phone support before and after product purchase?
  5. What is the product life expectation? What is the product’s warranty period? If the company discontinues the product, for how many years do they provide accessories and parts for the instrument?

Types of pipettes currently used by survey respondents
Manual: Single channel     30%
Manual: Multi channel     16%
Manual: Fixed volume     12%
Electronic: Single channel     11%
Electronic: Multi channel     7%
Electronic: Fixed volume     3%
Repeater     11%

Top 5 pipette errors as reported by survey respondents
Human errors     27%
Liquids stick to tip     19%
Viscosity reduces accuracy     16%
Immersed tips carry over liquid     12%
Surface tension reduces accuracy     10%

Nearly 35% of respondents plan on purchasing a new or additional pipette in the next year.
The budget amounts for these purchases are:
    Less than $250
    $250 - $500
    $500 - $750
    $750 - $1,500
    More than $1,500
Completed Surveys: 1042

Article Courtesy of Lab Manager Magazine

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