Shaker Accessory Meets Growing Demand for More Flask Clamp Sizes
Mixing and shaking solutions are some of the most common laboratory tasks; increasingly, laboratories are using a greater range of sample sizes than ever before. LabStrong Corporation, the designer and manufacturer of the Helix Orbital Shakers, has unveiled a Helix Shaker accessory designed to meet the growing demand for more flask clamp sizes suitable for holding a wider variety of sample sizes.
The new accessory, the Dual 10 to 50 Milliliter EZ-Clamp Flask Clamp (part number HR0005-12), answers the demand for a clamp capable of holding small sample sizes. The addition of the clamp to their portfolio allows LabStrong to offer EZ-Clamp Flask Clamps ranging in size from only ten milliliters up to two liters. EZ-Clamps differ greatly from traditional flask clamps on the market because they easily allow for placement or reconfiguration in a matter of seconds. 
The patent pending EZ-Clamps feature magnets on the base of the clamp allowing for simple attachment and reconfiguration of the clamp, without the hassle of any tools. Traditional flask clamps require screwdrivers and fasteners. With EZ-Clamps, the days of searching for the right tool, missing fasteners or a compatible platform are gone. EZ-Clamps feature a durable and compact design. The clamps are stackable, which allows for optimal storage. In addition, the clamps are simple to clean. 
The Dual 10 to 50 ml EZ-Clamp Flask Clamp has a design unlike any of the other EZ-Clamp Flask Clamps. The Dual 10 to 50 ml EZ-Clamp is able to hold two flasks at one time (other EZ-Clamps hold one flask). Three adjustable springs hold each flask in place. The clamp features a soft molded base, which prevents screeching of glass flasks against hardened steel. Flasks ranging in ten to fifty milliliters in size can be loaded into the clamp.