NEW Findenser™ Mini – a new addition to the Findenser family
Following the extraordinary response to the launch of Findenser™ which has generated interest from around the globe, Radleys have listened to customer feedback and are now extending the Findenser family by introducing the Findenser Mini. Findenser Mini is shorter and ideal for use with smaller flasks up to 250ml.
Findenser’s unique design, effectiveness in 95% of common chemistry applications and ability to eliminate laboratory flooding (associated with traditional water condensers) has sparked a lot of interest. Requiring no running water to operate, Findenser helps reduce consumption of a precious resource and eliminates the costs associated with water purchase and disposal.
Did you know that a standard glass water condenser uses 150 litres of water (equivalent to a bath) in just one hour?
Findenser and Findenser Mini have a range of popular joint sizes and can now be used with flasks from 25ml to up to 2 litres in size.