Top 6 Signs That You Should Service or Replace Your Fume Hood

 Top 6 Signs That You Should Service or Replace Your Fume Hood

  1. The fume hood fails to pass a filtration efficiency test but the filters are in good condition. In other words, the product is no longer keeping employees safe.
  2. Degradation of materials. This includes a physical discoloration of the materials, such as etching of steel, fogging on the glass barrier or window, or loud noises coming from the internal fan of the ductless or, in some cases, ducted unit.
  3. You require better containment of a larger number and variety of chemicals, and a higher safety level.
  4. Your current fume hood has broken down, and repair costs are too high.
  5. There is a decline in mechanical functionality (sash movement, etc.).
  6. You have an older, less efficient model that is becoming too expensive to operate.

Top 6 Questions That You Should Ask When Buying a Fume Hood

  1. Can your lab go ductless? Ductless hoods are a viable solution for most routine laboratory applications. If a total exhaust hood is not an absolute requirement for the process being performed, a ductless solution often makes more sense.
  2. What is the hood constructed from, how is it constructed, and how does this affect equipment life cycle? Based on your application, will any of the chemicals being used attack, degrade or physically alter the construction material of the hood? Will the hood stand up to harsh corrosives?
  3. What type of safety controls are included in the base cost of the unit?
  4. Has the manufacturer/distributor gone through a thorough application review process? Does the suggested filtration make sense?
  5. How hard is installation? Will there be a future/potential need to move the hood after it has been installed the first time? Should the hood be portable?
  6.  What are the capital, installation and operational costs? From the lab manager’s perspective, capital costs are but a fraction of the overall budget. Installation/labor costs and operational costs must be factored in as well.

Article courtesy of LabManager Magazine.

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