RURO and Angelantoni announce the launch of SmartFreezer® 2.0!

RURO and Angelantoni announce the availability of SmartFreezer® 2.0

SmartFreezer® 2.0, a high-volume, automatic storage freezer, enhances its version 1.0 functionality to provide a faster, more reliable system with new optional features.

Now updated with FreezerPro® v6.1 software and finely tuned onboard robotics, the SmartFreezer® has improved barcode reading for more efficient retrieval.

The update also features improved capacity to roughly 17,000 1.4 milliliter vials using dot codes or more than 10,000 2.0 milliliter vials utilizing barcodes (compatible with most common types/brands of vials).

New Features in SmartFreezer® 2.0 include:

  • Improved robotics
  • Improved vial retrieval times
  • Quieter LN2 controller

Key SmartFreezer® Features include:

  • 80°C or -180°C automated robotic sample storage and retrieval
  • Options for 1.4 mL or 2.0 mL vial usage
  • FreezerPro® touch-screen interface to load/request samples
  • Seamlessly integrated with FreezerPro® 6.1 Enterprise for sample management, security and reporting
  • Full traceability with detailed audit logs
  • Independently validated and certified to be fully compliant with the FDAs current GLP/GMP requirements