EMCO Launches New Line of Regulated 10kV Power Supplies

High voltage power supply designer and manufacturer EMCO High Voltage Corporation today announced the launch of its newest line of miniature, regulated DC to high voltage DC power supplies: the CB Series.

The new CB Series provides an output of 0 to 10kV at 1 watt, expanding EMCO’s miniature, regulated 1W offering to 10kV. The modules accept a wide input voltage range of 11.5 to 16 VDC.

Low output ripple, very low EMI/RFI, and tight regulation make the CB Series suitable for use in sensitive equipment.

EMCO’s CB Series includes current and voltage monitoring. It is fully programmable via a 0 to +5V DAC compatible high impedance programming input voltage and has an externally accessible potentiometer to allow individual calibration of units after installation. The CB Series features built-in protection against programming overvoltage and thermal shutdown. Other specifications include a temperature stability of better than 50 PPM/?C. Positive and negative outputs are offered.

“When our customers express a need, we listen. EMCO developed the CB Series to fulfill a need for precision regulated 10kV output in an industry-leading miniature package,” said Kim Bailey, Sales and Marketing Director at EMCO.