Syzygy Biotech™, a company that produces high-grade PCR reagents and enzymes, announced today that it has introduced rEVAlution qPCR Master Mix, an environmentally-safe, ready to use hot-start qPCR mixture specifically formulated with high quality components to offer superior safety, speed, and signaling capabilities.

EvaGreen® dye was purposely selected for this formulation because it is cell membrane impermeable making it a non-mutagenic, non-cytotoxic PCR dye that’s safe for aquatic life, safe for handling, and can be directly disposed of down the drain. Similar master mixes typically utilize SYBR® green dyes that are mutagenic. EvaGreen® also helps rEVAlution produce signals that are stronger than the SYBR® green dyes. As a Syzygy Biotech customer noted “I compared rEVAlution [to] a competitor SYBR®, and found CT values that are very similar, but [the] signals are four times stronger.”

In addition, Syzygy FlashTaq, a chemically-modified hot-start Taq DNA polymerase recognized for its rapid activation and high level of compatibility was selected for use in the formulation.

The Syzygy FlashTaq enzyme in the Master Mix can be activated in just two minutes versus the ten minutes of activation time required by many competitors’ formulations.

  • Less mixture required for greater yield: rEVAlution qPCR Master Mix has been proven to offer good yield even with reactions as low as 10ul.
  • Fewer contamination issues: The enzymes in rEVAlution have a reduced risk of contamination because they have been chemically-modified versus antibody-modified. Other enzymes that are antibody-modified have a high risk of contamination from the organism they were produced in.

Data shows that 70% of those who try Syzygy’s products buy them. The company has a 95+% customer retention rate.