Advion Launches a Third Compact Mass Spectrometer

 Advion, Inc., a leading systems and consumables developer for the life sciences industry, announced  the release of the latest development their line of compact mass spectrometers, the expression S. This latest release includes benefits that further address the needs of Advion’s key target market of academic, industry and research chemistry groups.  The new enhancements include polarity switching during a single analysis to ensure detection of the greatest range of compounds, fast mass scanning (10,000 u/s) for compatibility with UPLC, SFC and where multiple compounds need to be monitored simultaneously with SIM, as well as higher flow rates of 1-2 ml/min for simpler interfacing with standard chromatographic conditions.

The expression S, along with the recently released expression L for large molecule applications, replaces the first generation expression CMS, which will remain available for Advion’s OEM partners on an indefinite basis. The two new CMS units allow Advion to offer fit-for-purpose products to ease specific workflow challenges.

In addition to the hardware enhancements, a large number of new software features are being released with the new CMS models to offer additional analysis and data processing options and further improve ease of use. The new software also provides compatibility with DataApex Clarity chromatography software providing seamless integrations with many LC platforms.

“Advion developed the expression line of compact mass spectrometers to address the very specific needs of chemists. As we have learned more from our customers, we recognized the unique needs of our users,” comments Simon Prosser, Vice President of Marketing. “We have brought to the chemist’s bench the best in class mass spectrometer performance that was previously reserved for experts.  By offering an –S and an –L model, chemists have a choice regarding the best fit for their specific application. ”

The expression S is available now for orders with a 12 week lead time.  Advion will be holding a press conference during Pittcon in Chicago, IL on Tuesday, March 4th at 1:00 P.M.