New Efficient Automated Sample Changers

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to introduce InMotion™ Autosamplers—a new, flexible and efficient automated sample changer for titrators, density meters and refractometers. The InMotion Autosampler offers maximum productivity in minimal space with flexible solutions for analyses.

Designed for maximum throughput without sacrificing space, InMotion Autosamplers are a fit for any laboratory needing to improve productivity. Only 42 centimeters wide, the Flex and Pro series offer professional automation in minimal bench space. For exceptionally high throughput, the Max series can handle more than 300 samples on one 57 centimeters wide sample rack. Adding peripherals and pumps requires no space as the modular boards slide into the base and the magnetic locking pumps stack next to the towers.

Flexible Automation for Laboratory Workflows
InMotion Autosamplers perform a variety of testing, cleaning and conditioning processes. Users can eliminate sample carry over with the PowerShower™ rinse system as well as a variety of powerful cleaning, rinsing and conditioning steps for sensors. Subsequent simultaneous titrations can be performed with the T90 Excellence Titrator and a second tower for enhanced efficiency. The LED status lights on the top of the tower allow for quick status confirmation from across the lab.

Modular and Tailored Sample Manipulation
In addition to automatically adding and removing reagents with a wide range of pumps and functions, InMotion offers more tailoring to sample processing. Use the CoverUp™ to protect operators from volatile and odiferous solvents and reagents as well as protecting samples from the atmosphere or possible evaporation. The new water-bath racks can simultaneously temperate the entire rack of samples.

Secure and Efficient Weighing with SmartSample™
Remove transcription and ordering errors as well as improve efficiency with the new SmartSample
RFID technology workflow. Identify and weigh titration samples at an Excellence Analytical alance with the SmartSample kit. Enter the sample identification (ID) at the balance to make sure the ID and weight are properly assigned to the physical sample. Use LabX® 2014 Titration software and SmartCodes™ to enter the method at the balance and begin analysis of a rack full of different samples with different methods with just One Click®