Fiber-Couple Laser Scanner from ASI

The Fiber-Coupled Laser Scanner from Applied Scientific Instrumentation, is a compact and versatile 2D galvo unit originally designed for generating SPIM light sheets.  A user-provided light beam enters the scanner on a standard fiber optic connecter.  The beam is steered in the sample plane using an electronically-controlled galvo comprising an integrated two-axis MEMS mirror, providing rapid response and negligible vibration.  An optional anti-striping mirror varies the beam’s angle of incidence on the sample to mitigate shadowing effects.  Adjusting the included iris changes the light sheet thickness and depth of focus.  The beam can be effectively turned off or “blanked” by simply steering the beam to one corner.  The scanner is interfaced to the microscope using any C-mount port.

Applications Include: Light Sheet Microscopy, Optogenetics, Local Uncaging, FRAP