Chemistry engineering specialists Vapourtec (Suffolk, UK) has seen its flagship R-Series flow chemistry system reach a notable milestone with global sales recently reaching the 200 mark.

The R-Series has a wide range of applications and is already used around the world by many major companies including BP, Pfizer, GSK, Sanofi, Novartis and Johnson & Johnson.

The 200th system was purchased by the University of Manitoba, based at Winnipeg in Canada. Assistant Professor Geoff Tranmer PhD from their Faculty of Pharmacy is no stranger to Vapourtec’s technology having first used the R-Series system whilst at Cambridge University in 2006.

Geoff Tranmer commented: “I feel the R-Series' robust performance, accessible usability and flexibility will genuinely enhance my group's ability to develop innovative flow chemistry techniques and allow us to make many breakthroughs in pharmaceutical research as a result.
“Vapourtec’s ability to make design and engineering innovations in terms of complementary add-ons and expansion modules have enabled the R-Series to stay ahead of the game,” added Geoff.

Vapourtec’s founder and MD Duncan Guthrie commented: “The R-Series  system was launched in 2006 with the aim of making flow chemistry, a fast growing alternative to batch chemistry, more flexible, precise and ultimately productive.

“It has impacted positively on flow chemistry research in a wide range of industries and fields covering petrochemicals, flavourings, pharmaceuticals, generic drug manufacture, polymers and organic electronics.

“Already cited as pivotal within 110 published research papers, the R-Series is one of two flow chemistry systems designed and manufactured by Vapourtec with the E-Series launched in 2013.