New QC Automation Capabilities Added To Matrix Gemini LIMS

The versatile Matrix Gemini Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) from Autoscribe has been further enhanced through the addition of a facility for the automation of quality control samples and how they are grouped together.  Accessed through either Matrix Gemini’s web or Windows interface, this is an enhancement of the existing ‘runsheet’ function and provides the ability to create runsheet templates and automatically build runsheets from those templates as well as performing standard QC calculations.

Since laboratories typically perform the same type of QC over and over again based on the type of test being performed, Matrix Gemini now offers the flexibility to select the type of test, select a runsheet template, select a set of unknowns and have the LIMS build the run list and related QC samples automatically.  This could include such qc samples as spikes, duplicates, replicates, spike duplicates, etc.  Export of run lists to the appropriate analytical instruments has also been simplified.

In addition, different types of runsheet can be defined, for example a ‘preparation batch’ and an ‘analytical batch’. Sample tests can also be added to multiple runsheets since a particular sample test may be associated with more than one type of run list.

Standard QC calculations such as percent recovery or relative percent difference can now be automatically calculated within the test grids. In addition, the capability to select sets of results and mark them as non-reportable has been added to accommodate the possibility that certain results aren’t appropriate for some reason such as the sample needing to be diluted.