LabVantage Previews LabVantage 7 Express at PITTCON

LabVantage Solutions, the leading laboratory informatics provider, presented at PITTCON Conference and Expo an exclusive preview of LabVantage 7 Express. LabVantage, an entirely web-based LIMS, powers thousands of laboratories globally. With LabVantage 7 Express, smaller labs that want to use standard, out-of-the-box processes will have access to the same powerful platform as LabVantage 7 Enterprise. With the Express version, LabVantage customers can go live in as little as 30 days.

LabVantage 7 Express provides capabilities ideal for smaller laboratories that focus on quality control as well as analytical and environmental testing. “We saw an opportunity to better serve the needs of small and medium sized laboratories,” said Peter Bailey, Chief Executive Officer at LabVantage Solutions. “With LabVantage 7 Express, we are introducing a product that appeals to these labs. We are gratified to see the positive response to this Express edition from conference participants.”

LabVantage 7 Express helps companies run their laboratories more efficiently and with fewer errors by automating tasks and integrating with instruments and systems. In addition, it eliminates risk of project delays or failures. Since LabVantage 7 Express shares the underlying platform with LabVantage 7 Enterprise, as the needs of the lab grow, customers will be able to transition to the Enterprise edition.