Laboratory Safety for Waste Solvents

JM Science is pleased to announce their Smart Caps technology to protect the health of laboratory
personnel when using waste solvents.

Smart Healthy caps are in response to modern laboratory safety regulations. They are made of inert
materials resistant to chemicals such as PTFE and PP. The use of a one-way check valve allows for
low cost safe and secure solvent extraction in the laboratory.

The Smart Waste Caps provide a reduction of 95% harmful substances, such as vapors or gases
leaking from waste solvent jerricans, due to the use of a filtering cartridge of activated charcoal. When using the Smart Healthy Caps, there will be no solvent evaporation, no mobile phase
external contamination and it will keep the concentration accurate for several days.

Once the Smart Caps are attached on the solvent container, the tubes remain in position due to
a ferrule firmly tightened into a flange-fitting fitting. This provides safe closure with no toxic
vapors. Smart Healthy Caps are delivered with their fittings and ferrules for 1/8” and 1/16” tubing.
Adaptors are available to allow for various types of bottle threads and a complete range of solvent
bottles are available which have perfect fits for the Smart Healthy Caps.