Shimadzu’s New Nexera Method Scouting System Maximizes Efficiency in HPLC/UHPLC Method Development

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) has introduced the Nexera Method Scouting System. Capable of automatically investigating up to 96 combinations of mobile phases, gradients and columns, it significantly improves HPLC method development productivity in both R&D and QA/QC environments.

Shimadzu’s Nexera Method Scouting System is equipped with two pumps, each with a quaternary valve, which allows analysts to run binary gradients with 16 different solvent pairs. When combined with a robust high-pressure resistant column selection valve, which holds up to six conventional or UHPLC columns, the Nexera Method Scouting System can investigate up to 96 unique separation conditions per sample. A transfer program allows ultra-high-speed conditions to be transferred to conventional conditions, making the system suitable for both R&D and QA/QC applications.

Dedicated Method Scouting Solution software employs a graphical user interface and automated controls for simple creation of a scouting batch. It performs mobile phase purging and equilibration automatically for fast mobile phase switching and reliable data acquisition. In addition, scouting schemes can be prioritized based on laboratory policy.

The system automatically calculates the required amount of each mobile phase to avoid shortages, and automatically controls upper pressure limits to eliminate column degradation during testing. In addition, it provides estimated completion times, allowing operators to conduct testing according to their work schedules.   

Shimadzu also offers LabSolutions software for use with Nexera Method Scouting. The software’s data browser function allows operators to search large amounts of data more quickly for key information. CLASS-Agent and Agent Report assist analysts in data interpretation for more accurate reporting.