Compact Solution for Parallel Blending & Formulation Experiments

Asynt has developed a new adaption of its Vortex overhead stirrer, called the Vortex Blend, specifically to cater for the requirement of scientists who need to test new formulations and blends in parallel.

Many scientists in the oil, polymer, cosmetics and hygiene industries have established methods for blending and formulation development based upon mixing materials in standard laboratory beakers. These protocols often require heating and powerful mixing to ensure blend / formulation homogeneity. To accelerate formulation development it is advantageous to perform multiple blending experiments in parallel. Traditionally conducting multiple heating and overhead stirring experiments in parallel has taken up a lot of valuable fume hood space. Also when working in parallel it is important to ensure identical conditions are created in each beaker which is difficult when using multiple heater stirrer set-ups where motor speeds and heating rates may vary.

Developed by Asynt, in conjunction with a leading industrial formulation development group, the Vortex Blend offers scientists an efficient, space saving way of performing 3 blending experiments in parallel. Benefiting from a 3-way gearbox and integral heating plate – the Vortex Blend not only economises valuable lab space but also ensures that parallel experiments have identical stirring rate and heating rate/temperature conditions thereby improving result reliability. The Vortex Blend incorporates a standard overhead stirrer motor and hotplate for operation.