Falcon's tough and truly ready CALIDUS brings the promise of the micro GC to reality.

The pioneering concept of the micro gas chromatograph offered considerable promise of improvement. The micro GC would eliminate the large, high thermal mass oven required to heat columns in traditional GC designs. Size and energy consumption would be drastically reduced. Transportability would become real and practical.

Directly heating the GC column would be the key to eliminating the big oven and with direct heating of the column would come an incredible increase in the speed of analysis.

But the early micro GCs weren't designed or built to provide truly practical and widely applicable replacements for the traditional big oven GCs.

These early micro GCs are fragile, suited only to gases and limited in application range. They often have memory and matrix issues. They are costly and complicated to maintain and repair.

Then Falcon Analytical created the CALIDUS micro GAS CHROMATOGRAPH - an ultrafast, ultra-user-friendly micro GC with the durability, utility, reliability and economy it takes to be applied in-lab, online, at-line and in the field with universal success.

With its sturdy, 1/8" gauge aluminum housing, the CALIDUS micro GC is tough enough for virtually any application, anywhere. Combine the CALIDUS tough exterior with its light weight, only 25 lbs, and small footprint, just over 1 sq. ft. - and you have a micro GC that is truly practical, space-saving and portable.

And when you deploy the CALIDUS micro GC in any application it delivers all the speed promised by the micro GC paradigm, with analytical cycles 10 to 50 times faster than traditional GCs.

CALIDUS works smart too. Using modern computing and standard operating systems, and with Chromperfect® and InfoMetrix® software built right in, the data processing and analysis issues that plagued previous micro GCs are virtually eliminated.

CALIDUSautosamplerPCdisplay021014Chromperfect Process Control (CPPC) software simplifies control and monitoring of  process analyzer system functions and enables CALIDUS GC systems to deliver composition results with MOBUS, via Ethernet and other standard protocols to distributed control systems for process control and to LIMS for the plant support lab.

LineUpTM, commercially available chemometrics software from InfoMetrix automatically corrects inadvertent retention time variance, virtually eliminating misidentified components. InfoMetrix Pirouette® software interprets chromatographic data into values that can be used by process control systems, including many sophisticated functions like Pass/Fail assessments.

Talk about range. Built with single column module lengths up to 8 meters and dual column module units up to 16 meters, and with FID, TCD, DBD or FPD detector modules, CALIDUS has the range. Gas or liquid samples. Fixed gases and hydrocarbons up to C44. Petroleum products and biodiesel formulations up to C50. And CALIDUS is the only micro GC capable of analyzing complex liquid matrixes and its methods are in true conformance with published methods.

The new D-7798 Ultrafast SIMDIS Method, already in formal ILS, can be employed with the CALIDUS GC, achieving simulated distillation in a fraction of the time required by the previous D-2887 method.

CALIDUS can deliver the fastest Extended Natural Gas analysis in the industry. A model option, dual detection (FID/TCD) configuration enables extended natural gas measurement with ppm level sensitivity and high end levels (%) in one analysis, in less than six minutes.
CALIDUSonlineShelter082013Commercially available for 3 years now, the CALIDUS unit count installed base has  already surpassed the "novelty" or "early adopter" stage. One CALIDUS GC process analyzer system, installed in Texas has already reached the 250,000 analyses milestone with zero downtime.

The CALIDUS micro GC offers all these extraordinary benefits and proven performance - yet it is simple and economical to purchase, install, operate and maintain, with its modular columns and detectors, drastically reduced switching valves compared to traditional GCs, and system integrity checking routines programmed on-board.

So . . . If the shortcomings of the early micro GC designs kept you from exploring a micro for your own use . . . or if you just want to consider a more advanced gas chromatograph for your application . . . you should be talking to Falcon Analytical about the CALIDUSTM micro GAS CHROMATOGRAPH.