New Rigol M300 Data Acquisition and Datalogging System

Rigol Technologies USA, Inc. announces their newest product category with the M300 Data Acquisition System. Integrating Rigol’s 6.5 digit DMM technology into a robust and versatile system mainframe with modules enabling applications from multichannel scanning to switching and control. The M300 mainframe can hold up to 5 modules and up to 320 switch points. The mainframe’s graphical display makes scan configuration, monitoring, and storage significantly easier than more traditional front panel interfaces.

One of the most important applications for acquisition systems is temperature measurements. Environmental sensing and especially these kinds of temperature measurements are critical to research in sensors, biotechnology, and the engineering disciplines as well as environmental and late stage design verification where aging or thermal testing is often done. Rigol’s Vice President of Sales, Bob Bluhm explains:

“The flexibility of Rigol’s multiplexing modules makes it easy to configure a mix of thermocouples, RTDs, and thermistors to maximize the accuracy and throughput of temperature scans. The terminal blocks for these modules contain CJC or Cold Junction Compensation references to improve temperature reading accuracy.”

Once a scan is configured, users can monitor trend graphs of critical channels on the display as well as setup multiple alarms. Optionally, store data for every scan without a PC to a USB memory stick attached to the M300 so you never lose data again.

The M300 also comes included with UltraAcquire Software for power users with the optional UltraAcquire Pro software for advanced datalogging applications. Control up to 5 systems simultaneously for parallel scanning and high channel count applications all from a single software interface.

Data Analysis with UltraAcquire Pro

The range of module options adds flexibility and value to any acquisition system. Start with the MC3065 DMM module for 6.5 digit measurements of voltage, temperature, resistance, and more as the engine of your measurements system, Purchase the M301 Mainframe to get a M300 mainframe and MC3065 DMM module at a special bundle package. Leveraging our DMM technology and integrating it with a variety of switch modules for multiplexing signals at speeds of up to 250 Channels/sec.

For best measurement accuracy, the MC3132 module provides 32 2-wire channels or 16 4-wire channels while the MC3164 provides 64 common low channels for high density ground referenced measurements. For higher scan speeds use the MC3232 and MC3264 high speed reed relay modules instead. There are additional modules available for current measurements, DIO, DAC, totalizers, matrix switching and more.

With a complete set of interfaces including GPIB, LAN (LXI-C), USB, and RS-232 as well as additional system integration features including an alarm and trigger connections as well as direct access to the analog backplane, the M300 Data Acquisition System is ideal for multichannel applications from research and industrial to design and production testing.arch and bioproduction.