SOVELLA® CORNERSTONE® LAB BENCH - Greater Flexibility, Strength and Stability

As a leading manufacturer of Laboratory furniture and accessories, Sovella continually seeks to improve and perfect our wide range of products. Sovella continually consults with our customers and partners to ensure that we are providing solutions that best meet the needs of the users. With those needs in mind, Sovella’s Cornerstone® line of Laboratory benches was introduced.

The Cornerstone® Lab Bench has a maximum load capacity of 1500 lbs, and a leg design that allows for greater strength and stability. The table is height adjustable in one inch increments from 24.75”to 37.75”, making these tables suitable for seated or standing applications.

Cornerstone® utilizes all Sovella® standard accessories and allows for easy attachment of Sovella® Drawer Units 26, 35, 38, and 45 using standard drawer mounting brackets. The drawer mounting design provides increased flexibility to move the drawer anywhere along the width of the frame. Simply loosen bolts, slide into desired location, and re-tighten bolts. No need to disassemble the bench. Cornerstone® drawer brackets are universal by design to allow the attachment of most any third-party casework to the Cornerstone® Lab Bench.