ProVance™ Pre-Packed Columns – A New Chromatography Solution for Single-Use

W. R. Grace & Co. has introduced ProVance™ Pre-packed Protein A Columns, for purification of biologic drugs, specifically monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). Monoclonal antibodies represent the single largest biologics therapeutic category in the clinical development pipeline. ProVance™ Columns bring together Protein A resin and a convenient and cost effective pre-packed column format designed specifically for facilities sites that have moved to single-use manufacturing methodologies.

The ProVance™ portfolio of disposable columns comes pre-packed with a new silica-based Protein A resin that has a higher capacity and lower cost than the leading alternative technology used for mAb purification. Biopharmaceutical customers have confirmed 40 to 60 percent total operational cost reduction with ProVance™ Columns by eliminating time-consuming cleaning and packing steps and achieving increased efficiency. The pre-packed disposable columns further improve biopharmaceutical productivity by lowering the risk of contamination and accelerating time to market.