Gas-tight fittings end leaks, minimize sample carryover

Revolutionary lip-seal fittings prevent sample loss and contamination to maximize instrument sensitivity

Now gas-tight leak prevention and zero dead volume are combined in new Norgren AFP Lip-Seal fittings. Unlike other analytical fittings that allow sample loss and contamination, the Norgren AFP Lip-Seal fitting design creates redundant sealing surfaces to ensure a gas-tight connection. This maximizes instrument sensitivity, enabling trace detection and analysis.

Zero dead volume fittings are required for high sensitivity analysis such as patient toxicology measurements. Norgren AFP Lip-Seal fittings eliminate false positives by creating zero dead volume connections, minimizing sample carryover.  Fully swept flow paths are essential for removing elements of prior samples that could interfere with subsequent runs and deliver faulty data that lead to costly, even dangerous, errors.

Gas-tight fittings critical for operator safety in processes using toxic or combustible gases and only Norgren AFP Lip-Seal fittings offer the protection of redundant gas-tight sealing surfaces. Traditional fittings used in these applications are particularly vulnerable to leaking due to temperature variations, high pressures and wear.