Rigol Technologies Opens a New State-of-the-Art Manufacturing and Engineering Campus in Suzhou, China

On May 7th 2014 Rigol Technologies held a grand Opening Ceremony in Suzhou, China to commemorate the opening of its new 440,000 square foot manufacturing facility.  The event was attended by over 100 of Rigol's international distribution partners, local and state government dignitaries and many industry leaders.  

The new manufacturing campus will house all of Rigol's instrument manufacturing operations as well as logistics, dormitories, conference facilities and expansion of its R&D team.  The manufacturing facility includes two state-of-the-art SMT lines for board build as well as injection molding and metal fabrication capabilities all in one location.  This allows Rigol to insure the highest quality while at the same time providing great flexibility and reduced cycle times.

"Our rapid growth has driven the need to significantly expand our manufacturing capacity", said Wang Yue, President of Rigol Technologies.  "This investment reflects not only our commitment to quality but also insures we will have the capacity to meet the demand we anticipate in coming years without sacrificing quality or customer lead-time."

The new campus is located in Suzhou, about 50 miles from Shanghai.  Suzhou is a hub of high technology manufacturing and many precision electronics component suppliers are located in South East China.  This proximity to its supply chain will allow Rigol to better manage the demands resulting from its current growth.  In addition, Suzhou is a large center for Rigol's domestic customers, so having a local presence in the area will allow the company to better serve its customers.

"I am amazingly impressed by the new facility and what it represents for the future of Rigol",  said Bob Bluhm, Vice President of Rigol. "The commitment to quality and process control, the investment in future capacity and the capability of the manufacturing team is as good as anything I have seen in the T&M industry.  It reflects Rigol's intention to continue to strive to be the world's preeminent T&M Brand."

All Rigol instrument manufacturing has now been transferred to Suzhou.  Rigol is ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certified.  The company's primary R&D center remains in Beijing.