Tecan launches new options for Cavro® Omni Robot at AACC’s Clinical Lab Expo

Tecan has extended the flexibility of its popular Cavro® Omni Robot with the introduction of embedded control functions and the option to select single axis configurations. Unveiled with the launch of the Cavro Omni Robot Version 4.0 at the AACC’s 2014 Clinical Lab Expo, these latest updates will make it even easier to configure the Cavro Omni Robot to suit specific applications or instrument designs.

The robot’s new Embedded Command Processor Mode allows direct communication for precise control and coordination of axis movements and liquid handling operations. This OS-independent command schema allows line commands to be sent directly to the robot using virtually any computer or custom control board, complementing the existing Windows®-based Command Processor Mode for greater integration flexibility.

The modular design of the Cavro Omni Robot allows users to choose from various lengths and orientations of all three axes, including a choice of single or dual arm X-axis configurations. To ensure there is a Cavro Omni for virtually every application, it is now also possible to choose any combination of X-Y or Y-Z axes, offering instrument designers the option to create their own axes without the time and expense of developing a complete liquid handling solution. These latest updates further extend the versatility of the Cavro Omni Robot and, together with the system’s extensive choice of liquid handling options and finishes, provide exceptional flexibility for OEM liquid handling applications.