Analytik Jena AG Introduces a New Generation of Auto Samplers

Analytik Jena AG is introducing a new generation of autosamplers for a wide range of products. The sampler will be used for the AAS family of products - contrAA®, novAA®, and ZEEnit - as well as the TOC Analyzers of the multi N/C® series. A high quality standard in combination with the optimization of the manufacturing processes and use of materials have been implemented sustainably.

"Functionally, the sampler offers the same advantages as its predecessor, but has also been optimized in terms of user friendliness and efficiency. Users can also select between a larger selection of possible sample positions for the sample racks - allowing the sampler to optimally adapt to a laboratory's individual needs," says Torsten Olschewski, Head of the Analytical Instrumentation division at Analytik Jena AG. While new deliveries will only come with the new accessories, AAS and TOC devices that have already been installed can also be modified for the new autosampler. "From a user standpoint, another advantage of the AAS sampler is that it is directly mounted on the base device. It requires no additional space in the laboratory. On top of that, the optional intelligent automatic dilution feature saves users some work," explains Olschewski.

The Models
The flame analyzers of the AAS product families have the new autosampler AS-F or the AS-FD with integrated diluter, automatic intelligent dilution and liquid handling module with racks for either 54 or 139 samples.
The AS-GF model with integrated diluter, automatic intelligent dilution in the graphite furnace or sample container as well as sample rack with 108 positions belongs to the graphite tube analyzers of the AAS product families.

The TOC analyzers that are compatible with flow injectors are also now equipped with the new autosamplers.  The particularly flexible sampler AS vario offers six different sample trays: with 20, 47 (including automatic dilution feature), 52, 72, 100 as well as one with 146 positions, which is specially suited for high-throughput laboratories with its very high sample size.
The sampler model AS 10 is available for laboratories with lower sample numbers - they do not need to do without automation, too.