Phenomenex Launches Phenova® Certified Reference Materials for Environmental Laboratories
Phenomenex, Inc., a global leader in theresearch and manufacture of advanced technologies for separation sciences, announces the addition of Phenova Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) – a comprehensive line of ISO/IEC 17025- and ISO Guide 34-compliant standards for the calibration of analytical equipment and quantitation of analytical measurements for environmental testing. 
Sold and distributed exclusively by Phenomenex, Phenova CRMs are manufactured by Phenova, Inc., an established environmental proficiency-testing (PT) provider. Phenova brings the same precision to its CRM manufacturing process, underlined with the same methodical quality commitment that has been proven successful in manufacturing PT standards.
“Analysts depend on CRM performance to quantitate and qualify their results,” explains Sassan Tamaddoni, brand manager for Phenomenex. “Extreme accuracy is essential and the laboratory and PT manufacturing experience of Phenova’s chemists play a critical role in delivering consistent quality and reliability to our customers.”
Additionally, Phenova CRMs deliver lot-to-lot consistency with the verification of each lot to both internal and independent CRM materials. This ultimately provides a competitive product that allows customers to extend their initial calibrations and increase throughput between calibration events. 
As the distributor, Phenomenex has implemented a series of added benefits to fortify the company’s entry into the CRM market such as a free sample program, multiple lot inventory, a dedicated technical support team, and a novel packaging configuration that delivers on safety, unique labeling, and organization.