Economical Alternative to Rheological Characterization

Rheological characterization continues to gain importance in the development of novel materials across a wide variety of industries.

Historically, rheological characterization required a significant financial investment due to the necessity of costly instrumentation and trained rheologists to conduct measurements and interpret complex rheological data.

Due to financial constraints, organizations often limited their data to single-point viscosity measurements that could be collected using low-cost viscometers.

With a list price one third to one half that of many research-level rheometers, the Black Pearl Rheometer provides a broad range of rheological measurement capabilities including material flow curves and yield stress measurements.

The Black Pearl Rheometer is capable of measuring viscosities in the range of 1-25,000,000 centipoise (cPs). In addition to the single-point viscosity profiles, the Black Pearl Rheometer also measures temperature ramps (-20 °C to 120 °C), yield stress, and thixotropic behavior.