Diagnostica Stago, Inc. Sees Widespread Enthusiasm for New Instrument Line

Diagnostica Stago, a worldwide leader in coagulation, celebrated the success of their newest instrument line with the competitive conversion placement of their 100th Compact Max in just six month at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) 2014 Conference in Chicago, presenting an award to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The Compact Max is the first of the Max generation of instruments that will be rolling out over the next couple of years, introducing the most intelligent, user-friendly platform in coagulation testing to laboratories worldwide.

At the heart of Diagnostica Stago, Inc. lies a deep passion for customer service and scientific advancement. These two passions converge in the Compact Max to create a user-friendly, economical, and efficient laboratory solution with its state-of-the-art data automation, offering a comprehensive quality control package; expert rules for routine and specialty testing, providing more consistent results and standardizing the ease of use for every member of any laboratory team; electronic lot conversion; automated peer-group data uploads to ensure your results are comparative to all peers on the same instrument; and, of course, Stago’s trademark Viscosity-based detection system, impervious to many of the irregularities that arise during optical detection and offered exclusively by Stago.

Dr. Stephane Zamia, CEO of Diagnostica Stago, North America, says, “At a time when laboratories of all sizes face a critical juncture with a new value based market threatening to commoditize lab services, increased efficiency, reduced system down-time, and consistent service has never been more important. Our team at Diagnostica Stago has been dedicated to finding solutions to help labs become strong health service partners by consistently providing them with new tools, information, and expertise. The Compact Max is an ideal solution for the future of laboratory services and we are pleased to see such quick acceptance and enthusiasm. We look forward to rolling out more of these innovative, intelligent and economical platforms in the years to come.”